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In order to find Motherboard Model , look at these photos:

In most of the Sony Motherboard , MBX is there along with some numbers. Please send the numbers along with MBX and REV.


As you see, the complete name of this Motherboard has 11 characters and just three characters are very important so thats why our file Motherboard model may different from your Motherboard system.


This is Dell Motherboard , such above examples , it has three characters which we highlighted.




The important part of the Motherboard Model : LA-4121P


This is an example of Apple Motherboard Model: the Apple motherboard model mostly starts with 820.




These are different types of Motherboard...


Notice: If you could not find motherboard model , you can send us some photo of your motherboard.


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These are not motherboard model


April 15, 2016,14:04

SONY V270_PCB V270_MBX REV 1.1 1P-0134J00-8011


carlos valenzi
December 2, 2016,02:12

need a bios bin file for a HP envy 23-D005A


December 13, 2016,00:12

Hello dear friend, i need schematic of HP ENVY M4 SERIES 1000, THE PART NUMBER TO HP IS 698093-501