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We do our best to upload Bios files along with exact models to bring down the hazard. Meanwhile 90% of our Bios files are original but within these files there may be some problematic files that by the time will recognize and get replaced.

What are extension files?

Generally is Rom-BIN-HEX

Mostly upload with BIN

How to search a file in site?

Search engine site is defined on laptop model as well as Motherboard model and has a smart scanning in the main page that you can access to Google search engine.

What to do when I don’t get my specific Bios?

If you searched laptop model and still could not find then you should search your Motherboard model laptop in this case laptop models are different but their Motherboard model are alike. While you find the exact Motherboard model you can use it. So go through this address:

If you could not still find requested file, you can go to the main page in the request Bios section and request for your specific Bios. Hence our support team will upload it.

To request a file you can go to this link:

How long takes to answer the requested Bios?

It will answer within 12 hours. We do our best to reply as soon as possible and provide the requested file.  

How is the process of activation of the special user?    

First of all you should register, second you login than choose one of the VIP and pay it, automatically and immediately your account will change to user than you can download it.

 Should I pay the membership fee to request Bios? 

No, you are able to request as a guest than the support team will send you immediately an e-mail that your requested file uploaded in the site. If you still willing to download it you can pay the membership fee.

For VIP member you can go to this link:

Am I able to upload other users requested files?

Yes, management and supporting of Dr.Bios is a hectic work with users from all over the world and with various requested models. Therefore, dears who are willing to extend this site, click the upload button for the requested file so if anyone requested for this file, you can upload it.

Thank you in advance for cooperating with us.

Is there any chance of refunding the membership fee after activation of the account?

No, your membership payment cannot refund after activation of your account.

What shall I do when the downloaded file is without extension?

If your file are without extension and its volume is up normal so, you click  right and at the end of the file you can add ".ZIP" and you change the extension to ZIP. Now you click right and extract your compressed file. The original Bios are inside the files (ZIP).

How are the terms of naming files in the site?

It may happened that you come across with several files for a laptop model which at the end of some of these files have written "UMA" and some are "DIS"

UMA models are without graphic chip or Intel Graphics.

DIS models have discrete graphics chip or called graphics.

If you have seen somewhere written GPU and in its front numbers such as;"N12…xxx"

There are the exact graphic ship (number of chips are written at the end of the graphics and highlighted written and to see its number of chip you should remove Heat Sink and chip dough.

In some of downloaded files you see 2program files. These are included Bios "EC and Bios Main".

If I download one file several times, how many points it may count?

It only considered as one point. If you take same file several times.