About Dr-bios.com


Dr-Bios.com is established in the end of 2014 and began to train laptop repairing online. And today we are proud to say that Dr-Bios.com is the most powerful and professional institute in this field and trains laptop repairing from basic to professional step by step.
Our students follow the website from all around the world and they learn new concepts every day.
Dr-Bios’ team includes experienced and creative engineers who try to provide tutorial videos for the website and share them with its eager members.

Tutorial videos are captured by the technical team and then they are taken to the content production for editing and translating. And then there, the subtitles will be added to the videos. So all the videos of the website have English subtitles and all the members from all around the world can easily understand the contexts.
Members can have access to the most complete database of important files for laptop repairing.
You can find these files in laptop section: Bios, Schematic, Boardview, ME Region, Datasheet...


30,000 people have trusted Dr-Bios.com and use its services
Capturing tutorial videos is a very hard thing to do and it requires so much work to make new, unique and professional ones. That’s why we have different plans and pricings, and you can join Dr-Bios.com and learn new things by paying for membership.As well as trying to keep the tutorials and services in a high level and quality, we think of expanding website’s services and adding new professional trainings to the website. The purpose of Dr-Bios.com is to become the biggest online institute.
We invite you to join Dr-Bios.com to learn laptop and mobile repairing professionally.


Important Note: Dr-Bios.com does Not cooperate with any websites, brands, companies… and it does Not have any other domain and all of the tutorial videos and files of the website are legally available in Dr-Bios.com Only.