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How To Test Keyboard With SVOD Programmer

Today I’ll introduce a capability of SVOD programmer. You might have come across this problem “some keyboard keys won’t work after changing IO”...

Acer LA-A621P CPU Disconnection Problem

There is a new generation Acer motherboard with LA-A621P REV: 1.0 model. After checking the motherboard, I realized that the USB has disconnection...

How To Solve ALWP Disconnection In ASUS X551MA Rev 2.0

There is an Asus X551MA REV 2.0 motherboard which has disconnection problems...

Conversion Of Quanta U82 DA0U82MB6D To UMA

For converting Quanta U82 DA0U82MB6D0 motherboard to UMA, just do as in the pictures below.

Conversion Of HP Pavillion DV6 DV7 Quanta LX67 UMA Enable

In this video, you'll see the laptop service principles and technique...

How To Install SVOD Programmer Driver In Windows 10-64 Bit

This video is captured for those who have SVOD programmer...

ASUS K56CM LVDS Connector Repair

In this video, Asus Pegatron K56CM Rev 2.0 motherboard will be repaired. An inductor in LVDS connector part is burned and caused display problems

Conversion Of Samsung NP300E5E Lampard14/15EXT Rev: 1.0 DIS To UMA

This video is about a conversion of Samsung motherboard to UMA. As you may know, it’s a little difficult to convert Samsung motherboards, because

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