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Bypass BIOS Password Asus Laptops

Bypass BIOS Password Asus Laptops,From now on you can easily bypass Bios password of Asus laptops without disassembling them, including the older series to the newer ones. This service is free for all the premium members of

How To Solve Blinking LED Charger & Not Turning ON Surface Pro 4

The blinking problem of the Surface Pro 4 charger LED has been raised recently among the users which we had the same problems as well and this problem was solved by ...

Conversion Discrete To UMA Compal AAL10 LA-B843P Rev 1.0 (A00)

In this article you'll see the conversion of discrete to UMA in Compal AAL10 LA-B843P Rev 1.0 (A00)

Difference Between Analog And Digital Multimeter

In this video you'll see different kinds of analog multimeters and see how to use them accurately. we’ll also show you different usages...

How To Repair PC Motherboard Disconnection BIOSTAR-G41D3C

This video is about troubleshooting and also repairing a PC motherboard which turns ON but as I connect post card, it doesn’t show any codes and I have to say the motherboard works in restart status. When RAM and CPU are connected to motherboard, it restarts.....

When Do We Need To Program Bios?

Programming Bios requires some circumstances that you should consider before troubleshooting Bios. Technical team of explains how to detect if the problem originates from Bios or not?! Maybe everything proves that the problem is Bios and even once...

How To Fix Sound Problem Of HP Pavilion-G7

This video is about a HP Pavillion laptop which has been in another repair shop...

How To Solve HDD Connector Disconnection

This is a video about an Asus X555LP laptop which has a problem. When working with the laptop, it turns off...

How To Use Boardview Files In Laptop Repairing

in this video we want to take about them more specifically and accurately and show you 3 different...

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