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How To Read And Understand Laptop Schematics-RAM Voltages

Schematics are guides for repairmen to find and troubleshoot motherboards' problems accurately and then try to solve the faulty components' problems and lastly try to fix laptops and prevent from further damages on them...

How To Solve Not Charging Battery Asus N552VX

in this video we want to talk about a very common and important problem which is that the adaptor doesn't charge the battery...

How To Solve Hard Disk & CD ROM Not Detected In Dell-N5050

In this video we have a Dell N5050 laptop with DV15_HR motherboard. This laptop has Hard disk and CD ROM problem and the problem is that they don’t appear in Bios settings..

No Start On HP Pavilion 15 Quanta R75

This video is about a HP laptop which has two problems. The first problem is that it doesn’t turn ON and the second problem is that fan doesn’t spin properly....

How To Solve ASUS X553MA No Backlight

In this video there is an Asus laptop with X553MA motherboard. DC jack block is failed and there is no display...

How To Repair Lenovo Ideapad300-15ISK Won't Turn On

There is a Lenovo IDEAPAD 300 laptop that apparently switches ON which means power LED light turns ON and ALW voltages are present but system won’t be turned ON...

How To Solve Short Circuit Of Lenovo G50-45

This video is about repairing Lenovo laptop with NM-A281 Rev: 1.0 motherboard. And it won’t turn ON by plugging adaptor ...

Repairing Short Circuit And No Power ON DELL 3537 LA-9982P

There is a Dell laptop in this video, its adaptor was taken to another repair shop for repairing and was repaired there but after that it didn't charge the laptop...

How To Solve Lenovo G500 That Won’T Turn ON

In this video of you’ll see a Lenovo G500 which has a switching problem. It turns ON for like a second and turns OFF immediately right after that..

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