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HP Probook 4530S Not Charging Problem

There is a HP ProBook laptop with Inventec RAMONES 6050A2465501 motherboard model with charging problems...


As you may remember, we posted several articles about BGA machines and their function, equipment and explained their descriptions. But in this video, we would like to talk more specifically about one of them, WDS-620 BGA machine...

What Is IMEI?

IMEI is short for The International Mobile Equipment Identity and it is a number to recognize any device which is using from the networks and which is connected to any operator. So this number is important number

How To Fix DELL_3521 Compal_LA-9104P Water Spilling Problem

There is a Dell laptop with LA-9104P REV: 1.0 motherboard which has disconnection and water was spilled on its controller. When water spills on this model’s touch pad, it causes a problem for...

How To Repair Asus X101CH Display Problem Using Boardview

This article is about an Asus laptop with X101CH motherboard which turns on with no display. It has been in another repair shop before and apparently some components and chips...

How To Solve HP-630 Sound Problem Using Oscilloscope

This is a video about repairing HP-630 laptop which has sound problems, laptop works normally but has weird and noisy sound...

How To Repair MSI MS-1683 Automatic Turn OFF

There is a MSI motherboard with MS-16831 Ver: 1.2 which has a problem. It’s problem is that by plugging adaptor, ampere is something between 0.25 to 0.30...

How To Repair Gigabyte_GA-945GCM-S2L Automatic Start

There is a Gigabyte motherboard in this video. It has a problem which turns on (without display) by connecting power and without pressing power button.

Everything About TNM5000 Universal Programmer

TNM5000 Programmer is very fast , Low cost , High performance Universal Programmer , specially designed for supporting Flash memories , Nand flashes , Serial EEPROMS , Microcontrollers & Automotive ECU , Dashboard parts.

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