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How To Troubleshoot And Repair Water Spilling Problem

What should we do when water spills on laptops and How should we repair them?..

How To Repair Acer_E1-572G Compal LA-9531P No Display

There is an Acer laptop which has no display. Motherboard is LA-9531P.CPU and Graphic card are heated. First of all I check DC input which means the driver MOSFETs and the resistors. They are apparently ok and don’t seem to have a problem. So I decide to turn ...

How To Repair LA-5893P Motherboard Not Turning ON

The motherboard we are going to discuss about in this video is an Acer 7541G laptop’s LA-5893P.which is completely turned OFF and won’t start...

How To Read Laptop Schematic PWR ALW Voltages Mosfet

As knowing basic concepts in electronics is a very important matter in learning and understanding schematics, we are going to analyze and talk about transistors FET and MOSFETs...

How To Diagnose Turned OFF Motherboard LA-9531P

This is one of the most important videos of troubleshooting laptop motherboards and the concepts bellow will be taught in it: When do you need to program Bios? What are the important voltages of Bios IC?...

How To Solve Lenovo G50-70 Charging Problem

A Lenovo G50-80 with NM-A272 UMA motherboard has charging problem. Laptop works normally and there is no problem when the battery is connected, But by the time of plugging adaptor, it has a common charging error: “plugged in, not charging”...

How To Read Laptop Schematic-VS Voltages

This is the fourth video of learning how to read and understand schematics. In which you can learn more about transistors, (Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT) and Field Effect Transistor)...

How To Read Laptop Schematic-PWR_ALW Voltages

In this video which is the second part of reading and understanding schematics, we are going to analyze power always voltages 3.3v, 5v, 1.8v and 1v ALW_PWR (power always)...

How To Fix Bios ME Region Problem With Intel TXE/ME Injector Software

In this article we are going to tell you another problem solving way with all new that called Intel TXE/ME Injector. Working with this software is very easy, you just give the BIOS and ME Region file and you will get new and cleared one.

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