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Difference Between Phone Updating And Phone Flashing

As many as our users are familiar or master of laptop and PC repairing, let me start with a vey simple PC example. Mobile phones have an EEPROM which...

Fujitsu AH530 Power_Always Disconnection

There is a Fujitsu AH532 motherboard which has no reaction by the time of pressing start button and it doesn't turn on at all. And the best part is that according to the power supply, everything is totally normal and there is no disconnection...

Information About Feedback Systems

Feedback Systems process signals and as such are signal processors. The processing part of a feedback system may be electrical or electronic, ranging from a very simple to a ...

How To Read Laptop Schematics - Power Circuit- Part1

This video is a professional and advanced video of reading, understanding and recognizing power block and its related components in schematics... FULL HD ... 39:00 Minute ... Free Download

Conversion Of Acer Aspire 4810 Laptop

It's how to convert Acer aspire 4810 laptop with 3 different motherboards. The motherboards are: 08274-2, Jm51-dis and 48.4cr05.021...

Solving ASUS_K52JR Short Circuit Using Schematic And Boardview

you'll see the principles of checking if a controller is ok or not with the help of Schematics and Boardview...

How To Program ITE IO With Vertyanov Programmer

In the video bellow, all the information and details of how to use the programmer are shown...

How To Repair And Reset TP-Link Modem

There is a TP-Link that needs to be repaired. The problem is that the Wi-Fi LED light turns on but Wi-Fi doesn't work...

Everything About Vertyanov Programmer (A-Z)

Who can use I/O programmer? I/O programmers are usable for all laptop repairers! Theres a revolution in laptop motherboards since 2012. If you

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