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How To Read Laptop Schematics-PWM Circuit-Semiconductor

And as electronic components (Diodes, Transistors, ICs, Chips,… ) are made of semiconductors, I’ll explain and analyze semiconductor elements using periodic table...

What Is ME Analyzer Software And Its Usage In Clear ME Region?

what is the ME Analyzer software and what is its usage? If you remember, in one of the articles on detecting me region versions, I explained that there is a difference between the version of the consumer and...

How To Read Schematics-Power Microcontroller Function-Part-2

The function and obligations of power microcontroller in charging process, providing voltage and dividing the power between laptop and battery, describing the function of power microcontroller's important pins for providing voltage of laptops... are all have b...

Differences Between Bios ME REGION Versions

You might have found a point after having detected the ME REGION version with the UEFI TOOL software or by using the calculator...

How To Determine ME Region Version With Calculator

In the previous articles we talked about ME Region and how to determine ME Region version with UEFITool software. But you might like to know other ways to determine ME Region version that doesn’t require UEFITool software...

UEFI Tool_0.3.0 Software Download

You can use UEFITool_0.3.0 software to diagnose ME Region of Bios files version...

How To Repair White Screen Of DELL Inspiron 3521

In this video you’ll see how to troubleshoot and solve LED white screen problem and also checking LVDS circuit in Dell Inspiron 3521 laptop accurately...

How To Troubleshoot And Repair Quanta ZE7 Disconnection

In this video there is a motherboard in which all the voltages seem normal and ok when we plug adaptor. And it is apparently fine!...

How To Fix ME Region: Solution_2

This video is about fixing ME region files and HxD and UEFITool software is available here as well...

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