intermediate articles

How To Convert Acer E1-572G Mb: LA-9531P Dis To UMA

This is the conversion of Acer E1-572G Dis to UMA. motherboard : V5WE2 LA-9531P REV : 1A

How To Use And Work With Oscilloscope

These videos are about principles of using and working with oscilloscope from A to Z...

Conversion Of Acer Travelmate 5760 DIS To UMA

This is how to convert Intel motherboard to UMA: Acer TravelMate 5760 quant ZRJ DA0ZRJMB8C0 Rev: C...

No Start In Lenovo Z50-70 NM-A273 And How BQ737 Works

here is a Lenovo Z50-70 laptop which won't turn on. I checked the motherboeard via schematic...

Information About Lenovo G505 LA-9911P CPU Upgrade

this video is about how to upgrade onboard CPU AMD E1 to AMD A4 in laptop Lenovo G505 LA-9911P..

How To Repair Asus Notebook Display Problem

There is an Asus X101 CH laptop which turns on but there is no display. By plugging debugger we faced error code 79 which indicates problem in...

Conversion Discrete To UMA Lenovo E40-70 LA-B091P Rev:1.0

In this article you'll see how to conversion Discrete Lenovo E40-70 LA-B091P Rev:1.0 To UMA....

Boardview Software Download

With this software you can open all boardview files that have different file extensions and no need to use specific software for each file extension...

How To Find Short Circuit In Motherboard

In this article you’re going to see how to find and solve short circuit in motherboard and the blocks that you should check to find the short circuit are also mentioned...

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