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Important Tips Before Replacing A BGA Chip

In this video we will show you how to replace a BGA chip. And also important tips you should know before that.

How To Solve Lenovo G500 Compal LA-9631P Disconnection

There is a Lenovo G500 motherboard which has disconnection problem and controller 401 overheats. I checked it in schematic of motherboard. Later I realized IC I/O is burned....

How To Remove Chips With Strong Resin Adhesive

There are some chips (especially on Lenovo laptops) that have resin adhesive under them....

How To Fix Bios ME Region Problem

Management Engine is a part of BIOS/UEFI, which is responsible for adjusting CPU clock, EIST, power saving stages etc.

Diagnose Bios Problem With Oscilloscopes

Diagnose Bios Problem with oscilloscopes. Some of the repairmen ,when they are suspected to Bios, they program it several times. Today , you are going to see , how to diagnose bios problem with oscilloscopes from its signals. And you will get to know about P...

How To Solve Backlight Laptop Problem Casper A15YA

In Today's lesson, there is Casper Laptop. What’s the problem of the laptop? After connecting a damaged USB, the graphic went off, before bringing the laptop to us, it had graphic has graphic but backlight of the graphic is not there. It’s natural t...

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