intermediate articles

How To Repair MSI Notebook USB Ports

There is a MSI notebook in which any of the USB ports don’t work and it doesn’t detect keyboard and flash...

Conversion Of Hp 630 Dis To UMA With HM65 Chipset

in this article you can see how to convert motherboard of Hp 630 Dis To UMA with chipset HM65....

How To Test Fluorescent LED Lamp

In this video, you’ll see how to make a backlight or fluorescent lamp tester which you can use to find out if a screen is ok or damaged...

Not Charging Problem In Asus Notebook_DC Jack Power Repair

There is an Asus notebook which has charging problem. And you’ll see how to repair a broken DC power jack...

How To Repair Toshiba Satellite C850-Power Mosfet

This article is about how to test and troubleshoot power circuit of laptop motherboard, and also the principles of accurate testing of mosfets with multimeter and datasheet...

Conversion Discrete Lenovo Ideapad Z400-Z410 To UMA

In this article you'll see the conversion of discrete to UMA in Lenovo Ideapad Z400-Z410....

How To Diagnose If A Chipset Is Ok (With Oscilloscope)

In this video you’ll learn how to find chipset debug signals in schematics. And how to detect if a chipset is normal or out of order...

How To Repair TP-Link Wireless Modem

There is a modem which does not connect to internet (network) and its ampere is almost 0.18. I checked modem board and solved the problem...

Conversion Of Dell Inspiron 15R-5521 LA-9101P Rev 1.0 (A00) Discreteto UMA

Conversion of Dell Inspiron 15R-5521 LA-9101P Rev 1.0 (A00) DiscreteTo UMA

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