17 Important Tips To Secure Your Iphone

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Nowadays, smartphones have powerful effects on our daily life, and they have special place in our life and we make lot of stuffs done with our smartphones, like: online shopping, money transferring and … , that’s why you have to be e careful and be protective for data you have inside of your smart phone. In today’s article, we share some important tips with you, to secure your iPhone, so you could be able to secure your privacy and your data. I hope you’d enjoy it 😊🤓 :

1. Activating Passcode & Touch ID :
To activate your Passcode, go to Settings and select Passcode & Touch ID, and then activate your Passcode. Now you should set the passcode you want. Remember that 4-Digit Numeric Code is risky, because its always easy to guess 4-digit code. So its better to set Custom Numeric Code (6-digit code). And it would be so good if you set Custom Alphanumeric Code (contains with numbers and alphabets). Also, keep it in your mind: change your passcode time after time. If you feel like someone knows your passcode, change it as soon as possible.


2. Activating Face ID :
In new series of iPhone (iPhone X), there’s a new technology called Face ID which unlocks your phone by recognizing your face, so it has very high security and you don’t need to worry about your passcode to get leaked. Face ID feature can recognize your face even with eyeglass, sunglass or hat or with any other outfits. If you are a twins, your twin can unlock your phone, though! Because of the same look you and your twin have, even though you have the different outfits! But there’s another good thing about this feature: no one can unlock your phone by your picture or your poster, because iPhone shows no reaction to pictures and images. Plus, it can recognize your face in the darkness.
Follow this lead to activate Face ID: 
Settings > Passcode & Face ID > Face Enroll

3. Activating “ Find My iPhone “ :
One of the best features in iPhone, is its Find My iPhone feature which helps you find your phone with GPS, whenever you drop it somewhere else or whenever you lost your phone, and the only thing you have to do is go and visit this website: www.iCloud.com . but don’t forget, to use this feature and GPS, your phone should be connected to mobile data. Another good point about this amazing feature is that if your phone got stolen, you can erase your phone’s data through www.iCloud.com and Find My iPhone. (in the next article we will tell you how to do it. So, stay tuned 😊)

4. Hiding Notifications From Main Screen:
When your phone is locked and you receive any notifications with important content, it pop-up on your screen, and it might seen by people around you. To avoid your notifications from showing up on your screen, follow this lead: 
Settings > Notification > Show Previews > Never

5. Erase Data : 
Someone might try to unlock your phone and achieve your data. To keep your data safe, there’s an option that deletes your data when you/somebody else enters your passcode wrong and you cant restore data after they are deleted, unless you have backup of your iPhone. So its better not let kids play with your iPhone, because they might type wrong passcode while they are playing with your iPhone, so it would go on Erase Data mode and you would lose your data.

6. Keep Your Privacy And Security On Safari:
Surfing the internet is one of our hobbies nowadays, but we shouldn’t forget that our data of browsing the internet, like History, Cookies and … could be store and trace! To keep your internet data secure, go to Settings and select Safari. You’ll see SECURITY & PRIVACY, and now activate Not To Track Me Ask Websites.

*** Sometimes, your friends and family, might ask you to use your browser. If you are not interested in them seeing websites you’ve been visiting, follow this lead laugh
open Safari, on the left bottom, select “Private” option. Now, no one can see your history or tabs which were open.***
there’s also another important tip:  don’t use WiFi in public places as much as its possible, Because you will connect to a Network that many people are connected to and it is not secure!

7. Stored Data In your Browser :
Sometimes, when you do online shopping, or making an account or filling any kinds of lists or forms, we save our personal information that we used in lists and forms, so we won’t type our personal information in the next time, and I bet we’ve never thought of our personal information to get leaked and someone jobbery with your personal information. To avoid filling forms automatically, follow this lead: 
Settings > Safari > inactivate Fraudulent Website Warning

8. Don’t Enter/Visit Unknown Websites:
Never enter unknown websites or links and never fill any forms in these kind of websites/links. And if you ever receive suspicious and anonymous E-mails, never click on them.
9. Don’t Jailbreak Your iPhone:
iPhones which are Jailbroken, are always in great risk of getting hacked or attack of viruses. If you have Jailbroken iPhone, its better to download and install a real good antivirus into your iPhone.
10. Encrypt Your iPhone’s Backup:
After you sync your iPhone with your computer or laptop, your phone’s data, also stores in your computer/laptop. So other people who are using your computer/laptop will be able to reach your data. If you encrypt your data, your phone’s data will be store with password in your system.
To encrypt your backup: connect your iPhone with its cable to your computer/laptop and open iTunes. On the top corner, in the left side, click on 📱 symbol. Now click on Summary and select "Encrypt iPhone Backup" option. Now iTunes wants you to set a password to your backup.

To make sure if your backup process was successful or not:
a)    If you have macOS > go to Menu Bar on the top > iTunes Preferences 
b)    If you have windows OS > iTunes’ menu bar > Edit > Preferences 
Now click on “Devices tab”, and if you see 🔒 in the right side of your phone’s name + date of your backup, means that your backup process  was successful.

11. Update Your iOS Regularly:
Apple company, release updates for its users. These updates, have high security than its previous versions. Because they are reviewed versions, so problems or bugs are fixed in these new versions and also their security is been improved. So its better to update your iPhone regularly. To update your iPhone: 
Settings > General > Software Update
12. Download Applications From App Store:
Whenever you need to download any application, always remember to download it from safe sources. App Store, is official source of application presented by Apple. But, it would be better if you Google about the App you want to download to make sure if its safe to download and it has no malware. Because there are some applications with malware or virus and they can cause problems in your phone. In September 2015, in a research, turned out that 39 application in App Store contain a malware named XcodeGhost, and hackers used to control your phone’s function and steal your data from your phone.

13. Don’t Connect Your iPhone To Every Computers/Laptops:
iPhones can be vulnerable to malwares. When you connect your iPhone to other computers/laptops, system might have malware already, so it could transfer from computer/laptop to your iPhone. One of the malware that can transfer like this, called WireLurker. So don’t you ever trust any other systems but yours!

14. Inactivate “Location” :
Go to Settings > Privacy > Locations Services. In this part, you can see applications that have access to your location. If you see any apps that you don’t want to share your location with, select that app and then select “Never” option.
In the bottom, select “System Services”. Now you see “Significant Locations”. This option access to your locations wherever you go, and its the exact option that shows your location on Google map. You can inactivate it so easily, which is better to do it. Because if someone who knows your passcode, and steals your iPhone, can access to every locations you have been there, like place you work, place you live and every information about places you go eventually. If you don’t want any application have access to your location, you have to inactivate “Location Services” option then.

15. Inactivate “Diagnostics and Usage“ :
in “System Services” option, there’s other option that allows Apple to receive information and data about your iPhone’s function so Apple company could make the next update better and solve the current one’s problems and improve next version’s function. But, as we don’t know what kind of information they have access to, its better to inactivate it: 
Settings > Privacy > Diagnostics and Usage > Don’t Send 
You can also see another option Diagnostics and Usage Data / Analytics , which shows you how many times your iPhone have sent data to Apple company! 
Go to Settings > Analytics > and inactivate Share iPhone Analytics 

16. Delete Photos/Videos From Recycle Bin :
In iPhone, when you delete photos or videos, deleted items stay for a while in Recycle Bin and we mostly forget to delete them from there. So its better to delete them from recycle bin also.

17. Set a Password For Note:
maybe you are one of those people who write down and save every important things into Notes, so its better to set a password for Notes. Follow this lead: 
Settings > Notes > Password ( “Hint” is an option that helps you to remember your password if you forget it. So, its better to choose a Hint that reminds you of your password).

these were some important tips to secure your iPhone and your data. Enjoy having an iPhone with its amazing features wink.
Hope you enjoyed it. 💚

Nasima Babaki / Mobile Section of Dr-Bios.com


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