How To Find Laptops Bios BID Number?

Saturday, 06 August 2016
How To Find Laptops Bios BID Number?

RMM Security In Android Devices

Thursday, 05 September 2019
RMM Security In Android Devices

Everything About Download Mode

Sunday, 06 October 2019
Everything About Download Mode

50% Special Discount For Old Members

We would like to thank you all for being with us and supporting us the past couple of years, also say that we do value and appreciate your companionship. is offering an ascending discount system with the aim of honoring the old members and respecting its companions. This discount system automatically calculates and displays your points after logging in to the website and you can use your own discount based on your points.

The interesting thing about the discount system is that the prices of Premium Membership plans are displayed for each member differently because the points of each member may differ!
This system is activated on 10/01/2019

Important note: if you (as a member) use the ascending discount system and recharge your account with X% discount, you have 15 days to recharge your account after it’s expired. Only in that way, you can use the ascending discount. But in case more than 15 days passes after the account expiration, the system will automatically reset your points to 0. So you will lose the opportunity to use discounts and will need to recollect points to be able to use the ascending discount system.

The points of the ascending discount system are calculated as follows:
Members who purchased 1 month accounts: 1 point
Members who purchased 6 months accounts: 3 points
Members who purchased 6 months Gold accounts: 5 points

And percentages of the discounts are based on members’ points:
1 to 5 points: 10% discount for recharging accounts
6 to 10 points: 20% discount for recharging accounts
11 to 15 points: 35% discount for recharging accounts
16 points and above: 50% discount for recharging accounts

So in this way, for example if you’ve purchased 6 Months Gold plan twice and 1 Month plan once (From the first day that the website started to work), you’ve got 11 points and you have 35% discount for recharging your account.
Or let me give you another example: if you’ve purchased 6 Months Gold plan 3 times + 1 Month plan once, you’ve got 16 points and you have 50% discount for recharging your account.
(The points of 1-Year plan (one of the previous Plans on the website) is calculated like 6 Months Gold accounts)
Special points will be applied to members by the Support team of for those who collaborate with us in producing content.
The ascending discount system will be a performed as trial at first and we will apply it permanently on the website if everything goes well.
And last but not least, our support, dear colleagues, is a great encouragement to us, and also a reminder of the tremendous responsibility we have towards you. We hope that with the help of God and your support, we will be successful in our mission of educating you.
Marcio Barpp

I want to renew got this discount?


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