Basic Electronic Resistor-Part 3

Thursday, 05 July 2018
Basic Electronic Resistor-Part 3

Basic Electronic

Wednesday, 05 September 2018
Basic Electronic

Basic Electronic Resistor-Part 2

This is the second video of basic electronics which is about analyzing resistors and resistances of their different types.
In this video you'll see these concepts bellow:
-performances of different resistors on the circuit
-how to calculate 4 and 5 color band resistors
-standard types of resistors
-how to place resistors as series or parallel and also their differences

This is a basic and prerequisite video for repairing laptop and mobile devices, and in which I tried to talk about the necessary things that a repairman should know to be able to repair devices even better than before.
And as understanding the basic electronics would be very useful for advanced concepts and professional laptop also mobile repairing, make sure not miss any of the related videos!
Stay with us to learn basic to advanced electronics :)

Video size: 560 MB
Video Time: 24:38 min

Master: Oktay Nick Pey
Translator: Monireh Makhour

First Video of basic electronics: Resistor-Part 1:
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