Basic Electronic Resistor-Part 2

Saturday, 02 June 2018
Basic Electronic Resistor-Part 2

Basic Electronic Resistor-Part 3

Thursday, 05 July 2018
Basic Electronic Resistor-Part 3

Basic Electronic

Wednesday, 05 September 2018
Basic Electronic

Basic Electronics: Resistor Part 1

It is a known fact that if someone wants to learn something -and anything- it would be best to learn it from the beginning and basics to intermediate and then at last to the advanced or professional levels. In this way he/ she would be a highly professional person with high level of knowledge. So learning the basic concepts will lead one to learn the advanced levels much easier than a person not knowing anything about basics.
but if we skip the basics and go to advanced levels right away, that would be for sure so confusing and incomplete knowledge which would worth so little.
So this is why we decided to teach you the basics as well as the advanced concepts of laptop repairing. And as we realized that there are still many repairmen, who have troubles with the basic electronics that would make us surer to do this right away.
In the first episode of “basic electronics” we decided to discuss and later analyze the smallest and mostly used component on motherboards which is a Resistor. (in this video we will show you different resistors and we will only talk about their apperance)
From now on we will make videos of basic concepts each week so you can get familiar with the electronic elements and components' performance and obligation. So that it would be easier to analyze and design an electronic circuit.

Video Size: 350 MB
Video Time: 12:00 min

Master: Oktay Nick Pey
Translator: Monireh Makhour
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Gracias por fin un buen articulo para aprender más en electronica y resistencias para laptops y PC


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merci infiniment pour votre aide et qu 'Allah nous facilite la bonne comprehension


Daniel Hailat
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Thank you


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