Caps Lock 2 Blinks In Hp Pavilion 15 Quanta Y11A

Hp pavilion, 15 Quanta Y11A, Rev: E, Caps Lock 2 blinks. It starts but it does not have display.

In Hp laptop, you can get to know some of the problem by looking at its Caps Lock .While starting the laptop, caps Lock LED turns on and off two times. It two times turns on and off continuiously. The information regarding to blinks are available on Hp site too. There are 3 , 4, 5 ,6 till 10 mostly blinks which are indication of problem from different part of the board. And in different brands these blinks are indication of problem but they differe in each laptop.

It means the number of blinks represent different problem in the board. This board is Quanta and it’s a new board too. So, in this board , two blinks are refers to problem in Bios. In this case, remove the Bios and program it with Dump and solder it.

After programming the Bios , some steps need to be fixed , I have already put its Article , you can search it ,in the article list: How To Fix Product Information Not Valid Error on Hp Laptops.

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