laptop motherboard repairing tutorials articles

Basic Electronic Resistor-Part 3

The third video of resistor introduction is specifically for hardware repairmen, in which the resistors’ function and obligation are shown with laptop schematic

How To Diagnose Speakers-Amplifier And Audio IC Of Laptops

There are lots of videos related to audio problems of laptops and we have posted several of them in the website as well, but this time the technical team of is decided to capture a video and fully analyze audio related issues...

Lenovo USB Not Working Problem

This video is about a Lenovo laptop that has 3 USB ports and the problem is that only one of them works ...

How To Solve Battery Charging Problem Of Asus V502UX

Charging problem is a very common problem for laptops. Sometimes battery gets charged but it say “Plugged in, Not charging” sometimes it doesn’t say anything and it doesn’t charge the battery...

How To Find Short Circuit Onboard CPU

It is a known fact that knowing and doing things accurately and in the principle way is the best way to do anything...

How To Solve Samsung-NP370E USB Port Not Working Problem

Probably you might have had such problems that when you turn ON your laptop or PC and connect USB flash or any other devices such as mouse, keyboard or,…

How To Solve Not Charging Battery Asus N552VX

in this video we want to talk about a very common and important problem which is that the adaptor doesn't charge the battery...

How To Solve Hard Disk & CD ROM Not Detected In Dell-N5050

In this video we have a Dell N5050 laptop with DV15_HR motherboard. This laptop has Hard disk and CD ROM problem and the problem is that they don’t appear in Bios settings..

No Start On HP Pavilion 15 Quanta R75

This video is about a HP laptop which has two problems. The first problem is that it doesn’t turn ON and the second problem is that fan doesn’t spin properly....

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