Checking CPU In MTK Devices Before Changing Emmc IC

Checking CPU in MTK Devices Before Changing eMMC IC

One thing that most repairmen worry about when picking up and positioning eMMC IC is the probability of damaging the CPU due to heat or any other reasons. And it is a bit difficult to know whether the CPU is healthy and working or it is damaged by heat and …

Fortunately, in MTK (MediaTek) series of CPUs, because these CPUs are weaker than their counterparts, it is easier to detect whether the CPU is damaged or not. So, to see if the CPU is damaged or not you need to get the Info of your device using software boxes (whether original or cracked one) that support MTK series of devices. Keep in mind that, it is better if you remove the eMMC IC from the mainboard when trying to get device info. As you see in the picture below, I removed the eMMC IC from mainboard:

Now pay attention to the Info below; as you see, the software has detected the CPU of my device which is "MT6572". So, I can say that in this case the CPU is healthy and it is not damaged.

Good luck!
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