Checking CPU In Qualcomm Devices Before Changing Emmc IC

Checking CPU in Qualcomm Devices Before Changing eMMC IC

In the previous article, I showed you how to test CPU of cell phones and tablets which have MTK series of CPUs.

In this article, I want to show you how to test CPU in devices which use Qualcomm CPU. You should know that Qualcomm series of CPUs have different versions, that’s why this article doesn't comprise all Qualcomm CPUs.

So, to do this, you need to connect cell phone/tablet mainboard to your Personal Computer (PC) or laptop.

Notice that you do NOT have to press and hold any key on your cell phone or tablet; just connect your device using USB cable. Besides, you need to remove eMMC IC from the mainboard, like the picture below;

When you connected the mainboard, you should be able to see "Qualcomm HS_USB QD Loader 9008" in "Device Manager" => "Ports" on your PC. Like the picture below;

You can see "9008" port even when the eMMC IC is badly damaged.

Important: to do this test, Qualcomm drivers need to be installed on your PC!!!
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