Choosing Proper Software Box For Boot Repairing And Changing Emmc IC

What is the proper Software Box for Boot Repairing and Changing eMMC IC?

As we all know, nowadays there are lots of smart phones and tablets in the market and many different brands have a say in this market. In such competitive market, unfortunately, some companies use low quality components such as low quality eMMC IC in their products in order to gain more profits OR lower the prices as far as possible. That is why cell phones easily get damaged these days and that's why there are a bunch of cell phones with different problems.

One of the most common problems is damaged eMMC IC. Most cell phone repairmen are familiar with this problem. I have recorded videos on how to change eMMC IC and these tutorials are being updated regularly. (You can watch these tutorials on

So, an important question is: what are the tools you need to be able to change eMMC IC?

One of the very important tools in mobile repairing world is software boxes. There are lots of software boxes for boot repairing and programming eMMC IC but I don't recommend you to buy all of them.
I introduce two of them which are very useful and practical AND they are among the best ones.
They are "EasyJtag eMMC Box" and "UFI Box".

I'll introduce them and give more info about these boxes in the following, but before doing that, let me answer some questions you may already have in your mind;

• These boxes (meaning, EasyJtag & UFI boxes) don't need regular annual activation. Once bought and activated, you can always use them.

• Since most of problems (such as boot repairing and programming) are solved by hardware, for example, by the help of box Adaptors, don't bother to look for cracked versions of the software of these boxes.

• In general, you can't use the adaptor of one box for another box.

• If I were to compare these two (meaning, EasyJtag & UFI Boxes) in terms of their potential and practicality, I would personally choose UFI box.

• You may wonder which box is easy to work with. Well, if you have the knowledge of the task, working with both these boxes would be easy and sweet but if you don't have the knowledge and you don't know the files, literally, your box will be of no use! (I am continuously recording and updating tutorials on how to work with software boxes, thus giving you the knowledge you need)

• Buying one of these boxes is enough for changing eMMC IC and there is no obligation to buy lots of boot repairing software boxes.

• You may have heard in advertisements that UFI Box enables IMEI repairing. Well, not everything you hear in advertisements is true! It allows IMEI repairing of only SOME models of some brands of cell phones/tablets. So, if you want to buy it only for repairing IMEI, I don't recommend it. UFI Box, in fact, is more focused on Boot Repairing and eMMC IC Programming and is bought for these purposes.

Now, let's get to know these boxes a little bit. Let's start with;

o EasyJtag;

When this box was first introduced, it was called EasyJtag and it had a pack of different software. Meaning, the box had many software (instead of just one) to do different processes. Each software was designed for a specific purpose. Along with different software that this box offered, there was a software called "Shell". Using "Shell", you could access the Dump Files and pinout pictures of cell phones (these are useful in "Direct eMMC").

Along with technological advances and due to complexities of mobiles, EasyJtag Team needed to keep up with the changes. So, they released a very powerful software with their box and they called it "EasyJtag Plus"! In fact, EasyJtag Plus is the old EasyJtag but all the many software packages were combined as one.
Plus, they added some other new, practical features to it.

Just think about it; EasyJtag was already a giant in mobile repair world and now with their new release with added features, it became more popular than ever before.

Let's stop here for a second! You might wonder: now that EasyJtag Team has released a new Box called EasyJtag Plus, what happens to users who have already bought and been using the old version (EasyJtag)?!
It's simple! Users of old release (users of EasyJtag) can as well use the software of EasyJtag Plus and it is free for them. But EasyJtag Plus's Box has higher speeds in Reading and Writing compared to old EasyJtag Box.

o UFI Box;

UFI Box has 3 different software packages:

First one is called "eMMC Tool" which is used for "Direct eMMC", eMMC IC programming, and downloading Dump files of cell phones and tablets.

Second one is called "CHIP Prog" which is used for programming flash eMMC ICs and writing Bios on different electrical devices.

Third one is called "Android Tool" which is for writing firmware on (flashing) Android devices as well as servicing these devices.

There is no need to talk much about this software box. It suffices to know that this box is a super powerful, universal box which supports almost all software processes you need on eMMC IC of your device very easily and in a smart manner. What I mean by smart is that, in most cases, this box automatically does boot configurations, configs the boot size, and even changes the CID!

In the next articles, I'll go into more details about each of these boxes.

Stay tuned!
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