Common Problem In Sony Laptop Motherboard Mbx-237 (Turning On)

One of the common problems of Sony laptop motherboard mbx-237 is that when you plug adaptor to the motherboard and turn it on, it won’t be switched on. And by checking the voltages you see that the main voltages 3.3 and 5 are being generated. And you might think that Bios has problem. So you go to and download and program Bios. Then you see that the laptop won’t be switched again. Then you realize that I/O is programmable. Then you’ll say “yay me I found the problem”. So you go to again and search the connection of jtag and you program I/O. Then you’ll think the problem is solved and it’s totally fine. So you’ll plug adaptor to the laptop with a lot of confidence and hit power button and wait for the display. But there is no display, so you’ll hit it again just to make sure, but no, there is no display at all. The motherboard won’t be turned on.

This situation might happen to anybody but there is a solution which I’ll tell you.

I showed you how to remove the problem in the picture bellow. I marked two parts, so if you face such problems (with mbx-237 model of Sony laptops), make sure to check if the block “A” has disconnection or not (with buzzer test of multimeter) which it most probably has disconnection. So we’ll assume it has disconnection, and then you should remove capacitors in block “B” then check them one by one. Most probably one of the capacitors has short disconnection. Replace the disconnected capacitor.

So this is it. Turn on the laptop and enjoy watching vaio logo ;)

good luck :)

sajjad ali
June 17, 2017,11:06