Difference Between TFT Screen And IPS Screen

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Maybe you’ve noticed already that there are many different kinds of digital LCD displays and each of them have their own usage, like commercial use, industrial use, or personal use. The monitor and LCD you are going to buy for your office or company, it all depends on job that you are doing, your employees, your customers and … . if you’ve got challenged in technology field and if you don’t have enough information about digital monitors and screens, you would have some problems about which monitor and screen would be the best choice for you. So that’s why we decided to share this article with you today😊, hope you ejoy it:

LCD (Liquid Crystal Display): LCD is made of liquid crystals and they lighting with backlight. LCDs usually need less power for lightning, so this advantage made LCDs to became famous screens among digital devices. LCDs always have backlight and they lighting with backlight, so these screens have good functions in sun light. If you notice, in a sunny day, LCD screens turn into gray color that’s why they have lowest contrast than other screens.

There are two kind of LCDs: TFT and IPS:
Facilities of TFT screens:
TFT is short for “Thin Film Transistor” and its categorizes as LCD’s active matrix. Active matrix means that each pixels connect to separate capacitor and transistor so they can keep and light some pixels at the same time and they can react to other pixels with using the lowest energy and power. And that’s because TFT s have capacitors and transistors trying to present best function beside of using the low power.

Bright backlight of LED: 
The bright backlight of LED which are used in TFT screens, are being used in mobile phones, too. These backlight are so compatible in mobile phones. For example, you can manage and set the backlight according to your  preference. In some mobile phone devices, there is an option that the device, automatically set the backlight due to the light of the place you are at, which counts as good option for those who have a little trouble with their phone’s backlight setting.

Poor viewing angle:
One of the problems of TFT LCDs, is poor viewing angle. You have to sit directly in front of the TFT screen, so you could see all graphic effects on the screen. If you want a monitor to sit front of it and do your daily stuff, then TFT screen would be the best choice for you. But if you want a monitor to get your works done (which is related to graphic and colors), IPS screens would be the best choice.

Sharp images: 
Most of TFT screens are able to display sharp images still which make them perfect to get your daily works done. That’s because pixels are more thinner in TFT screens than IPS screen and this prevents the colors from spreading extensively and so they would fit the screen. Base colors (red, yellow and blue) are used as the basis for creating transparency and a variety of different colors and it cause very strong contrast between images, so computers, HD TVs, laptops, cellphones and even tablets are using this technology.

Facilities of IPS screen: 
IPS is short for “In Plane Switching” and its kinda same as TFT but its been developed which means they have more features.

Wide viewing angle:
Having wide viewing angle in IPS screens is the important difference between IPS and TFT. If you compare a same photo from IPS screen and TFT screen, you will see the big differences such as black and white, blurry and …which shows up in TFT screens, but everything is fine with IPS screen. So that’s why IPS screens are the best choice for those who their job is related to pictures and colors.

Fast transferring:
IPS screens are made for quick transfer of frequencies and so they transfer frequencies very fast, in a very short time than TFT screens. Time difference between TFT screens and IPS screens function is not obvious, but if your job is about sharing information and data in the least time, or if you are a professional gamer, this time difference might be obvious and annoying for you. So in this case, IPS screens would be perfect choice for you.

better quality of colors in IPS screens:
just like TFT screens, IPS screens use base colors to produce best quality of colors. According to this feature, the main difference between these two screens is the way their pixels stand and the way these pixels contact the electrodes. In TFT screens, when electrodes activate these pixels, pixels stand and connect to each other vertically and they cause very sharp images, but not as sharp as images in IPS screens. In IPS screens, pixels stay and connect to each other horizontall and they reflect more light which cause presenting sharp, clear, and bright images and this is how you will have images with high quality.

Hope this article would be helpful for you 😉.
In next articles we will share other kinds of displays and screens; stay tuned💚.

Written by:
Nasima Babaki / Mobile Section of Dr-Bios.com