Download Samsung Smartphones Official ROM For Free

"Samsung Brand’s Firmware Files" is finally launched in the website guys wink and you can easily and most importantly FREELY download the Firmware files and also Smartphone and Tablet Schematic files of all Brands you need :)

this article I’m going to show you how to download these files.
So let’s get started :)

The first thing to do for downloading the Firmware Files Freely and without Speed Limitation, is to go to and register for FREE. As shown in the picture:

Then click on "Samsung Official Firmware".

By clicking on this section, you will go to a new page in which you can easily download the Firmware files you need.
For your facility to find the files, we have provided 2 options for you. And by using those options, you can search the exact model and file for your country and then download it.
As you see in the picture below, you need to search the phone model. For example: "Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus SM-G955W".

As you see on the upper picture, there are a couple of firmware files for that specific model. You can download whichever you wish BUT for those repairmen who need firmware files of specific Regions, they can search the region in the section “Country” and download the file with their desired specifications, as shown in the picture below:

And in the end, you can download the file you’ve chosen by clicking “Download” exactly as you see in this picture.

And that is it  wink
You can easily search, find and then download Samsung Firmware Files for FREE from
The Firmware Files and Schematic Files are being updated constantly. I need to mention that the Firmware files of other brands will also be added to the website in near future smiley
Enjoy yes

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