What Is Combination File?

Sunday, 18 March 2018
What Is Combination File?

Basic Electronic

Wednesday, 05 September 2018
Basic Electronic

Mobile Repairing Boxes

Saturday, 14 October 2017
Mobile Repairing Boxes

Dr-Bios.Com Online Exam

Dr-Bios.com is going to hold an online exam on October 22nd and invites those who want to test their laptop repairing knowledge to take it. And these are the requirements to participate on the exam:
Everyone can take this exam and you don’t have to be a Dr-Bios.com member.
The test will be held on October 22nd. It will start at 00:01 and will end on October 23rd at 00:01.
Even though each person has one day to take the exam, he/ she only has 1 hour to answer all questions.
Banner of the test will be put on the “Advertisement” section on main page of the website

on October 22nd, and you can directly enter and take the exam by clicking on that section.
The sources of the questions are Schematic and Boardview of LA-B102P motherboard. You can download the files in here.
(And if you remember we’ve analyzed this board’s Schematic in schematic reading videos that you can see on this link.)
It’s a multiple choice test with 20 questions.
It will be an “Open Book” test which means you can check the Schematic and Boardview while taking the exam and answer the questions.
And the prize is one Hioki DT4252 multimeter which will be free shipped to the winner from anywhere in the world.
The winner is one person who will answer all/ most of the questions correctly, and in case more than one person answer all/ most of the questions equally correctly (for example: all of them answer 20 questions correctly), a lot will be drawn between them and one person will get the prize.


nice.. definitely doing it.. :)



Does the exam need VIP members?


Monireh Makhour

No, you don't have to be a member to take the exam wink



ok , nous patientons olors


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