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Everything About Vertyanov Programmer (A-Z)

Everything about Vertyanov programmer (A-Z)

Who can use I/O programmer?
I/O programmers are usable for all laptop repairmen!
Theres a revolution in laptop motherboards since 2012. If you are asking what kind of revolution is it, keep reading this article. EC IC that has 8 pins and placed next to the south bridge, is been removed!
So, where did that IC go?!

All the important data from EC IC, transferred into the I/O IC. Inside IO microcontroller, a new block added, called EC and so the EC data should be programmed there! Also, while im writing this article, these EC files which transferred into microcontrollers, are 128 KB and their newer versions are 192 KB.

Therefore: most of today’s laptops, beside their bios files, their EC files which is on I/O micro controller, should be programmed.
And to read the article about IOs with which number are/aren’t programmable.



How to program microcontrollers or IO?
To program these kind of microcontrollers you can use some tools like: TNM5000, SVOD PROGRAMMER , VERTYANOV PROGRAMMER , RT809 PROGRAMMER
Each of these programmers have their own specific features and we’ll share more information about them later. But we shared some related articles so far, which might help you:
How to program IO IC with tnm5000
A-Z about SVOD programmer
How to test the keyboard with SVOD programmer

Well, in this article we are going to talk about Vertyanov programmer and its features and possibilities:
Vertyanov programmer is a programmer that made in Russia and Dr Bios has its partnership selling in Iran. You can contact us to order it.
With this Vertyanov programmer, you can program without need to soldering or removing IO IC. but How?

There is some flat cables with Vertyanov programmer and due to laptop motherboard model, you need to connect it to the keyboard connector and then run the software, so you can easily program the EC files and data on these microcontrollers.

Where can I download IC I/O files?
If you need any IO file, you can go to laptop bios and you need to select brand of your laptop. Files with 128KB or 192 KB at their end, they are IO files and they are special to program. Also there are some files beside Bios’ IC, like 8MB Bios + EC 128KB, that means there is a 8MB file for Bios and there is a 128 KB for IO.

What kind of microcontrollers Vertyanov programmer can program?
We can say every kinds of microcontrollers Vertyanov programmer can program! It can easily program ENE,ITE,MEC,NUVUTON series of microcontroller.

What kind of motherboards’ IO IC you can program with Vertyanov programmer?
For example, to program KB9012 on a motherboard which is definitely programmable, you need to have 3.3 voltage on IO pin or somehow send 3.3 voltage to IO, otherwise none of programmers can program the IC without 3.3 voltage.
So before connect the programmer to the device, make sure you have 3.3 voltage on IO pin already! Vertyanov programmer is a specialized programmer for IC/IO. Let me make it easier, you cant program 4MB or 8MB Bios IC with Vertyanov programmer. To program Bios we recommend you to use TNM5000 which you can order it from Dr Bios.


EEPROM LCD,LED Programing features with Vertyanov programmer:
In LCD,LED monitors there is one or two programmable IC, and you can solve white screen and ... with programming this IC .
 You don’t need to solder or remove IC from the board by the way.


Features of testing keyboard by Vertyanov programmer:
Most of the time, when you replace or change IO IC , you will see some keyboard’s buttons, are not working well, it’s a bit difficult to diagnose if this problem is caused by keyboard controller or due to the keyboard itself! In these cases, you need to separate the keyboard and then connect the keyboard flat to Vertyanov programmer, and select keyboard testing in software menu and you’ll see possibility of keyboard testing is so easily!
There are some other cables beside programmer, to program IC s which need to program or reset by jTAG that mostly related to MEC microcontrollers (if we get or receive this kind of motherboard we’ll share a video about how to use the cables).


Do you have to pay for licensing or programmer software activation?
Nope! Software updates are always available and you can download and install them for free.


Support and Vertyanov programmer’s guarantee :
We have 6 months of Dr Bios’ guarantee + free educating and free videos about how to use and work with this programmer.

Where is Vertyanov programmer made in?
Vertyanov programmer is made in Russia and I guarantee its PCB has high quality.

what about Vertyanov programmer's software and its interface?
Its interface is as simple as you can imagine! Its so easy to work with and all of errors and messages you’ll get while working with it, will help you to solve the problem so very easily.

what is Vertyanov programmer's software language?
Its official language is English and its easy and understandable as we said so.

Download Vertyanov Software:

Download tutorial video of working with Vertyanov programmer:
We have uploaded a tutorial video about how to work with this programmer and its qualities about all the features we talked about it in this article.

Download tutorial video of Programming LED-LCD Eeprom with Vertyanov programmer:

Download tutorial video of laptop keyboard test with Vertyanov programmer:

Buy Link

Price of Zif complete pack:
TETRIS + SPIDER =2500р = 2500/58 -> 45.00$ USD
TETRIS + JAWS (socket) = 2100+6000=8100/58 -> 140.00$ USD
TETRIS+SPIDER+JAWS = 2100+400+6000=8500/58-> 150.00$ USD
you can see photos of ZIF and its parts (you can watch them in the video, too).

Online Order:  Skype:  Dr.Bios2015

What is the usage of programmer’s socket and ZIF?
We told earlier you cant program IO if you don’t have 3.3 voltage in board! So there are some ways to give that 3.3 voltage and one of these ways is using Vertyanov programmer’s special ZIF.
With this ZIF you can program IO in 2 ways:
1 . remove IO from motherboard and solder it on special ZIF named SPIDER and then program it.
2 . remove IO from motherboard and put it on ZIF named JAWS without soldering and then program it.
You can use these 2 ways only when you don’t have 3.3 voltage in motherboard.

at the end you can see photos of ZIF component which we even talked about them in tutorial video smiley

Feel free to ask any question about programmers and how to use them.
Good luck and have a nice day/night heart


The best programmer in your field + a small bonus - checking your laptop keyboards



Hello! There is a stand-alone mode for testing the keyboard. You only need to power the programmer from the computer or from the power supply unit via the USB cable. Then attach the jumper to the right side connector so that it closes 1 and 2 pins. Connect the keyboard to the connector with the appropriate step and press the reset button on the programmer. Now press the buttons on the keyboard )) Have a nice day!



Envia para Brasil??



Envia para Brasil??


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Hi Ney! yes, we do! for more information contact us, Skype: Dr.Bios2015😊🌺


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con este programador puedo programar los Nuvoton NPCE288NA0DX de las laptops Lenovo B40-80


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