How To Backup Your Phone With Moborobo Software

Today we made all brand new video about how to backup your phone with a software called MoboRobo. Backup means get a copy of all mobile’s data and it is so so so important thing in mobile repairing field. When a customer brings you a phone to get it repaired, the first thing you have to do (before repairing process) is to backup of device and the reason is because data might be gone and be deleted in repairing process and it might be so valuable and important data to customer; so don’t you ever forget to backup of mobile devices.
In this video, you’ll get to know how to work with MoboRobo which is easy to use.
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hope you like itheart.

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(subtitle by: Nasima Babaki)
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where is the video? about moborobo


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Sorry for delay. the Video is just linked 😊


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