How To Convert Laptop Motherboard Discrete To UMA

Today lesson is about disabling second graphic card of the Acer motherboard, Want to show in schematic and boardview too, schematic displays connection details of the motherboard components, and in necessary parts, want to do some changes. Motherboard model is Acer Aspire V5-571, and its platform model is Husk MB 11309-2 48.4TU05.021.

Here going to show and explain, which places need changes, the graphic card of the motherboard is NVidia Graphic, its Graphic card is not working, want to deactivate Graphic chip, then it switches to Intel HD graphic in CPU, There are some heated part, it caused by Graphic chip heat, so the graphic chip damaged, and the cooler system doesn't work are in contact with it, this part of the motherboard has seen heat, then Graphic chip got out of work, in previous service, they have given heat, and the graphic chip worked for two days, the Graphic chip needs to be changed in order to work, but i have suggested to customer by disabling the graphic chip, the system switches Intel graphic and it works without Discrete graphic.

Check the schematic and boardview, want to find these components from boardview, and UMA to Discrete from Schematic, according to that i m going do some changes on the board, i have downloaded the platform's schematic, there is written platform's model, there you can see , Discrete installed and UMA installed, it means , both graphic are active, and can be used when other one fail to work, and whenever they needed they switch and work automatically, in this way , on its search, write UMA, there select UMA/DIS , there it opens connection of components of motherboard which are related to UMA and Discrete.

  So, what do I do, now? In order to prevent the current flow to Discrete and direct it to UMA , remove R2011 resistor from its place and replaced in R2013 place ,after changes , automatically current will flow from UMA to DIS, it means current will flow from UMA  to Intel HD graphic.

This diagram in HP models are similar, in disabling the second Graphic card of HPg6, there is also changed a resistor on the board for activating UMA. There has to be removed these inductors, and these Inductors also allow current to CPU, and near them , there are two other inductors which allow current to Graphic chip .They give current through MOSFET. In order to find the resistors, in some of the motherboard , the name of the components are not written, hence it takes lots of the time .Therefore ,  have downloaded boardview of the system, open the (G/R) file, In device1, write R2011 and in device2,R 2013 , then click OK! There is the device R2013 near the Southbridge! Its place is empty, want to solder and shift R2011 to R2013!

After changes , Graphic has switched to Intel HD Graphic.


hp r62 15e model can conversion into without vga send me the link


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