How To Convert Single File Firmware To Four Files Firmware

When your phone doesn't work as the way it was working before or has software problems or when you install a new firmware, it might not solve your problems or you might face new problems!! if  these kinds of problems happen, you should go for four files firmware. The four files firmware is the file that cleans all of your phone's information at first, and then you can install a new firmware without any problems. Four files firmware would solve your software problems in a high possibility. In this article we want to show you how to convert a single file firmware to four files firmware . 

First you should download "samsung fullfirware maker" software.

Then follow the steps you see in the pictures below:
  So this is it smiley .. I hope you would convert single file firmware to four files firmware easily from now on wink.
Vahab Hemmati/ mobile section/
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