How To Diagnose If An Iphone Is Original Or Fake?

since Apple company decided to release its refurbished products, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus, cheaper than OEM products, it seems like it is a good chance for other people to sell fake and copy iPhones as refurbished iPhone 7 and 7 plus. In the previous article we shared “Difference Between Original Vs. Fake LCD And Panel In iPhone”, and today we share some tips that will help you to recognize original iPhone from fake and copy ones.

1. In original iPhone, when your phone is on, If you press home button, you will hear clicking sound, and when you turn off your iPhone, and if you keep pressing home button, you wont hear clicking sound anymore!

2. Original iPhone’s box is very different than fake iPhone’s box. The size of box isn’t same, and fake iPhone’s box is larger than the original iPhone’s box. Fake iPhone’s box is without images or pictures on it, while there’s picture of iPhone on original iPhone’s box. Also there’s shiny Apple logo on the original iPhone’s box. If you look at the backside of fake and original iPhone’s box, you will see the difference: sentences and phrases on the original iPhone’s box are more than fake iPhone’s box. And these sentences and letter can easily be removed by using a wet napkin. 

Note: If your phone is refurbished which is cheaper than OEM, “RFB” letters have to be written on the back of the box. But there are some people, removing these letters by laser, so they would sell it with price of OEM.
3. Inside the box of fake iPhone, there’s no handsfree, and if there is, it will be in a plastic box. Color of the Charger cable in original box, is more white and lighter than fake cable, and also original iPhone’s adaptor is a little bit heavier than fake iPhone’s adaptor.

4. If you take a look at original iPhone, you will see a blue loop around the camera lens. There is no blue loop around the camera lens in fake iPhone. Also, fake iPhones have bigger lens than original iPhones, and flash light in original iPhones is lighter and brighter than flash light in fake iPhones.

5. Buttons and white tape that you can see in original iPhone are as same as buttons and white tape in fake iPhones, but there’s a difference: the white bottom tape in original iPhone is thinner than fake iPhone.

6. If you check out the sim card tray, you will see a black tape on top of the sim card tray. And you can see serial number which is been written on the sim card tray. In fake iPhones, there’s no black tape and serial number on sim card tray.

7. If you take a look at fake iPhone, it seems like there is some thing in the speakers.

8. In original iPhone, when you turn on the silent mode with its button, you can see a thin red line. There is no red line in fake iPhone. 

9. Screen and display in original iPhones are matte, but in fake iPhones, they are shiny.

10. In original iPhone, when you turn on your phone, it boots up quickly and then it asks you the passcode, but in fake iPhone, when you turn it on, it boots little bit slowly and there is no passcode in fake iPhones.

11. In fake iPhones, in notification display, “search bar” is more in the bottom than the original iPhones.

12. In fake iPhones, in settings, you see “search bar” on the top, which in the original iPhones, there is no search bar in settings.

13. In the original iPhones, in Settings, there’s an option : Home Button, and the fake iPhones don’t have this option.

14. In the original iPhones, in battery settings, there are many options to manage the power of your battery.

15. When you are using the camera, on the top of the “capture” you see x1 in the original iPhones, and x1.0 in the fake iPhones.

16. If you take a look on the back of your original iPhone you see there are some symbols. The fake iPhones don’t have these symbols on their back.

17. Sometimes, Home button in the fake iPhones is just a fake button, and you need to press power key to turn on your screen.

18. Another thing that helps you to figure out if the iPhone is fake or original, is to check your serial number. Go to “General > About > Serial Number”. If the phone was off, you can check out its Serial number through its sim card tray. Now you should go to this website and then write your serial number, so you will see information about your phone. Checking out your serial number through this website is enough to make sure if your iPhone is original or fake. Because if its original, you will see “Please Activate Your iPhone” after you enter your serial number, which means that its original and verified from Apple company and yet, no one has used this phone.

19. In the fake iPhones, if you turn it on without sim card, you see “No SIM” in the left corner on top, but in the original iPhones you see “No service” in the same place.

20. If the iPhone was fake or Chinese copy, by pressing and holding home button+volume down+power key, you will enter the downloading mode and you will see a screen with Chinese words and letters.

21. Go to “Settings > General > About > Model”. If you see that Model option starts with “M”, it means that your iPhone is original, and if it starts with “N”, it means that your iPhone is Refurbished.

these were all the important and simple tips that help you to diagnose the original iPhone from the fake ones.
I hope you enjoyed it. 💚☺️

Written by:
Nasima Babaki / Mobile Section of
Monireh Makhour

amazing article! even though I don't have an original, fake or RFB iPhone, I really enjoyed this. thanks💚


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Im so glad you enjoyed it ☺️ thanks for goodie vibes 💚


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