How To Fix Bios ME Region Problem

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How To Update Bios On Asus Laptop

Update BIOS - How to use Easy Flash to update the Notebook BIOS version?


  • It is not allowed to downgrade the BIOS version.
  • Please back up your personal file before upgrading the BIOS version.
  • The operation display may be different cause of the model version.
  • Please connect the power supply during the operation.


* We will use UX32LN as the sample model an we will upgrade the BIOS version from 201 to 203.

1. Download the driver from ASUS support site.

2. Input "UX32LN" in the search bar.

3. Select "Driver & Tools"  and select the proper Operating System.

4. Download the latest BIOS version.

5. Unzip the file and put it to an USB disk.

6. Enter the BIOS configuration.

7. Select [Advanced] then select [Start Easy Flash].

Easy Flash

8. You can select the external storage or local disk from the left site.

9. Please select the BIOS file from the USB disk then click "Enter".

10. Click "YES".

11. It will take about 2 minute to finish the operation.

12. Restart the Notebook.