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How To Flash Samsung Devices

The first step to flash Samsung Android mobile phones and tablets is that Samsung drivers should be installed on the computer.
The second step is to download and run “Odin” software. (You need to 
run old version of Odin software for devices with older Android version. And you need to run new version of the software for devices with newer Android version. That’s because older versions of Odin software can’t support new Android devices and the new versions of Odin can’t flash older Android versions and you would face errors or encounter low writing speed.)
The next 
step is be familiar with how to work with Samsung firmware files:
Samsung firmware files have 3 different types: 1 file firmware, 4 files Firmware and in newer devices, 5 files Firmware. Let's have a look at the the obligation of each section of the files:

BL: this file is the main part of the firmware file and has the obligation of booting 
up the device. (The sensitivity of this file is so high in a way that writing this file incorrectly on the device can easily cause severe problems or even dead boot. This file is also used for boot repair and programming raw eMMC ICs.)
AP: this section comes in second place in terms of sensitivity. System parts (Android) is inside this file.
CP: modem section which controls Baseband, signal, Wi-Fi and the parts related to network.
CSC: the last section is related to language and region.
And this is the tutorial of how to flash Android mobile phones and tablets.

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