How To Remove Lenovo Thinkpad E530 Bios Password

Today want to talk about Lenovo ThinkPad E530 series

The laptop when it turns on has password! turn on the system, while entering in Bios part, it needs password, the customer says that he has not put any password, the important point is that this system is ThinkPad, and after programming the Bios , the password of the system remain, i have programmed IO or ENE of the system with SVOD, the password is still there, the point is that this ic is Bios ic of the system, in Lenovo E531 and E530c, near this ic bios , there usually is ec ic also, but it is not in this motherboard, but if you see near these ICs , there is small ic prom! Which is ic security of the system, and if you want to remove its password, you have to extract information of this ic, but when you program it , it cannot be detected, when you look at the data sheet also, you cannot find a way to extract its information, the only way to remove password is to remove this ic, remove it completely from the board, i have removed the ic from the board, its number is P24508A, turn on the laptop and let’s see it, connect its keyboard, turning on the system, fan error and then click on F1, we have entered to bios of the system, the password of the system has removed, the point is that an error gives after removing the password, restart the system, the error which gives here UUID is invalid, press Esc to enter to your window, i insert a hard and check it, inserted the hard into the system, start the system, it gives other errors but when you press Esc, then it can be entered to windows. In this system E530 , do not mistake it with E530c system, several bios tested on it and also several IO programmed, but password remained, because password was on security chip of the system, by removing that ic , the password removes too.

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