How To Remove Nokia Feature Phones' Password By BEST Dongle?

How to Remove Nokia Feature Phones' Password using BEST Dongle?

Nokia feature phones do not have a special Operating System (OS) so they rarely face software issues!
Still one of the 
reasons that makes the users of these phones refer to cell phone technicians is that they forget their passwords!
"ATF" and "BEST" boxes are among the best tools that support Nokia mobile phones (which has MTK CPU); that is why, in this article, I want to teach you how to remove Nokia feature phones' password by using "BEST" dongle.
So, in the next part, you are going to need to run "BEST" dongle and follow the instructions given in the image below;

As you see in the picture, first you need to enter "MTK" tab (Media Tek tab). Then, enter "Service" tab and finally click on "Reset/Read User Code". After that, you need to connect your feature phone to your computer while it is turned OFF, so that the password resetting process will be done in a few seconds!
You can see the function log of one of the Nokia feature phones down here:

Dead Mode is Selected
Waiting for USB device...
Phone should be Off!
Battery must be charged and inserted! ( if not used external power )
 - >
If phone can't switch to BL - use battery or flash from Local mode!

--- Insert USB cable now! ---
for phone...
Phone found! [ 97 ]
Sync Ok, read regs...
Inital regs read done
Boot Info :
BB_CPU_ID : 6260
BB_CPU_SW : 0000
BB_CPU_SB : 8000
BB_CPU_NM : [MediaTek] MT6260_S0001
BROM Protocol Version : 05
BROM Status : 0000
Comm Status : 0000
EXBL Status : Alive [ USB Load Active ]
Switch to BL done
BL Version : 01
BROM/BL stage done

MT626x : Reset User Code
All done! Remove USB cable
All Security Settings deactivated!
Code set 
to default : 12345

Good luck ;)
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