How To Repair IMEI Of CPU MTK Devices Using BST Dongle

How to Repair IMEI of CPU MTK Devices using BST Dongle? 

Many software boxes support repairing IMEI of smart phones and tablets which use MediaTek (MTK) series of CPUs. The problem is many cell phone technicians think that IMEI repairing is a difficult and complex process, which is not! Today, I will show you that it's as easy as ABC and you can do it very easily by using software boxes and dongles which are designed for this purpose.

In this pictorial article, I'm going to show you how to repair IMEI using BST dongle.

Attention: with some software boxes and dongles, your smart phone or tablet needs to be Root and with some other software boxes and dongles, there is no need for your device to allow root access.

So, let's get to work:

First, go to "MTK" tab and select "IMEI":

Second, type the IMEI in its relevant box and click on "Start":

As you see, IMEI is repaired quite easily!

Important: I repaired the IMEI of this device after changing its eMMC IC and what you have seen in this article is NOT changing IMEI. Changing IMEI is considered illegal and you might get prosecuted for that!
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