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How to Write IMEI and Repair Baseband in Samsung?

IMEI or the International Mobile Equipment Identity is a specific number given for each cell phone or tablet. IMEI number is needed in case you lose your cell phone or it is stolen! The cell phone's signal is also related to IMEI, so if your phone does not have signal, your IMEI may have a problem. You can find the IMEI number on the battery or on your cell phone's original box.
What makes the IMEI to
become Unknown?
Many processes such as poor downgrading, unhealthy rooting, flashing by faulty firmware files, and … can result in IMEI problems.
In repairing the IMEI, another thing to pay attention to is the Baseband, which is as important as the IMEI.
In very simple terms, Baseband controls the cell phones' Network and if baseband is damaged the IMEI will be inefficient as well. But don't worry! Since Baseband is by default in the firmware file, you can easily repair the Baseband by flashing
you cell phone/tablet.
*** You should only repair and change the damaged IMEIs on a cell phone! Changing a device's IMEI is considered illegal in most countries! ***
Below, you can watch the video on how to write IMEI and repair Baseband in Samsung cell phones and tablets.

Video Time: 20:30
Video Size: 120Mb

Master: Milad Azmoon
Translator: Latife Yeganezade
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