How To Flash Samsung Devices

Monday, 18 February 2019
How To Flash Samsung Devices

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Saturday, 08 June 2019
How to Repair IMEI Samsung Devices

How To Root Samsung Devices By TWRP

Wednesday, 27 February 2019
How To Root Samsung Devices By TWRP

How To Reset FRP Samsung Devices

FRP (Factory Reset Protection):
On Android 5.1.1 and the newer versions of Android, a new security system has been added to Android devices by Google, which prevents the device from being used by other people than the owner.
So if you format or flash a phone or tablet which has FRP lock, the device would ask for Gmail ID and Password while booting up. (ID and password that was set on the device before resetting). And if you don’t have the information, you won’t be able to access, boot or use the device.

How does FRP
security get activated?
As soon as you set Gmail ID and password in the accounts of your phone or tablet, the FRP security will be activated.

How can we find out if FRP is activated on Samsung devices or not?
The principled way of finding out about this matter is to get the device into download mode, and check if FRP is ON or OFF, as in the
 picture bellow:

How to deactivate FRP security before formatting?
To deactivate FRP security, go to the 
"Developer Options" section in "Settings" and enable “OEM Unlock” and as long as this option is enabled (ON), FRP security is turned off and inactive.
To enable the "Developer Options" in "Settings", go to "About Phone" and click on the "Build Number" option seven times in a row to enable the "Developer Options".
How to bypass FRP security after resetting the device?
In older Android versions, we could reset FRP in different ways manually or using boxes, but by security sections of Android being updated and also using up-to-date CPUs for devices, this operation is a very difficult one to perform, in a way that even the powerful boxes can’t reset FRP easily.
In this video, I would like to show you how to reset FRP using combination files on Samsung devices which will work on all models in every Android version.
(Combinational file is a combination of several files used in Android versions, which is designed and manufactured by Samsung company, and we can use the file to solve many software problems such as FRP, IMEI and downgrade problems and DRK related errors.)
This is the video of how to reset FRP using Z3X Pro box :)

Video Size : 280 Mb
Video Time : 07:45 min

Master: Milad Azmoon
Translator: Monireh Makhour
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