How To Root Samsung Devices By CF-Root

Wednesday, 27 February 2019
How To Root Samsung Devices By CF-Root

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Wednesday, 24 July 2019
How To Root Samsung Using TWRP

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Monday, 18 February 2019
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How To Root Samsung Devices By TWRP

What is Rooting and what is it used for:

1: Definition of rooting:
The operation that lets us access the roots of operating system and system files of devices is generally called “Rooting” in mobile repairing. (The accessibilities which are not available in default mode).

2: Uses of Rooting:
Rooting can be useful for 2 types of users:
First ones: are normal users who use “Rooting” to install and modify the system of some apps and games.
Second ones: are mobile repairmen who use “Rooting” for more professional operations such as IMEI and Base band repairing and backing up the devices’ security sections.

3: Different methods of Rooting:
The first method is to use Rooting software packages (such as King Root which is available for both mobile devices and windows) and by using this software, you can root devices with older Android versions (for example Android 4).

The second method is to use CF-Root file which can be so helpful and useful for Android 5 and 6. It is also very easy to work with, which means you only need to download CF-Root file compatible to your device and also the one with the same Android version. After that write the file on your device by AP section of Odin software and that way it (mobile phone or tablet) will be rooted automatically. Download links of CF-Root files will be available on the website very soon.

The third method is to use Custom Recovery and SuperSU files which work on all Android versions. You can watch the tutorial in the video below.

Fourth method is using repairing boxes and dongles for rooting. By using those tools, you can easily root Samsung with newer Android versions and high level of security devices. And one of the best and most powerful tools for that purpose is Chimera dongle.

4: how to write Custom Recovery files:
For Samsung devices: as Samsung Custom Recovery files have .tar or .md5 formats, you can write the files in AP section of Odin software or other boxes. That’s why you need to write them in AP section because the Recovery file is extracted from AP file so Recovery file needs to be loaded and written in AP section.

Custom Recovery files of other brands are all with .img file extension and are written through Fast boot. (For writing through Fast boot, make sure to set the device on Boot loader unlock mode).

There is one thing I need to mention as well, and that is: you might wonder what Custom Recovery and SuperSU files are?!

1: Custom Recovery: the original Recovery file of an Android mobile phone or tablet is edited and personalized by developers which gives us a lot of options and one of them is Rooting Android devices.

2: SuperSU is a compressed zip file that includes folders and codes which provide full accessibility to operating system of the device and is actually the file that roots it (the device).

Stay with us and watch the video below to easily learn “How to Root Samsung devices by Custom Recovery file”.
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