How To Fix Dell N5110 Reset Problem

Wednesday, 04 January 2017
How To Fix Dell N5110 Reset Problem

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How To Solve Dell N5110 Power Problem

In today lesson, there is Inspiron 5110 model, what is its problem?

I connect the adaptor; adaptor's green light is on, after connection, adaptor's green light turns off.So, what’s the problem? The problem must be in the motherboard. I connect power supply for checking adaptor's Amper and Voltage; they are working without any problem.In this way, I switch off the laptop and take out its board, then diagnose the board step by step.
In this kind of platform model, there are 3 main parts, the main board, DC jack, and extended board, net connector, USB port, LAN and all.

 I have gone through the board and there is no burn on Microchips, the problem is not visible on the surface, after connecting the adaptor, the power disconnects, in this way, I want to remove each part, then i will check parts separately. The multimeter is in buzzer test; connect the black probe to GND (minus) and red probe to capacitor pins, MOSFET inputs and outputs. And connect the adaptor to the board in order to find the problem.

Even I have downloaded motherboard's Schematic.

Another way to check out the problem is to use, receipt paper, before that i check it with my hand to find out the places of components which heat up, motherboard's transistors have the problem, I check them with paper, find the problem, where it is, the problem on a MOSFET, it heats and change color of the paper .

Then I have checked it with buzzer test to make sure of it.

in this way, I have removed the MOSFET and replaced it with similar MOSFET in Lenovo LZ57 , wistron platform.


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