How To Solve Samsung-NP370E USB Port Not Working Problem

Probably you might have had such problems that when you turn ON your laptop or PC and connect USB flash or any other devices such as mouse, keyboard or,… into your laptop, you faced errors that say USB doesn’t work properly. And that’s why you might want to learn how to solve this problem and know if it is a software problem or hardware?
In this video we focused on this problem and we want to teach you how to solve it, but first let me tell you a little bit about what’s in this video.
There is a Samsung laptop with Lampard14/15INT Rev: 1.0 motherboard with USB problems. After checking motherboard I found out that USB pins are hanging and as there is short circuit, other USB blocks are most probably failed because of that. Then I will show and analyze all pins of USB ports using pictures and schematics and show you which blocks the pins are related to. And finally find and solve the problem and repaired the laptop in the principled way.
Stay with us :)

Video Size: 310 MB
Video Time: 19:45 min
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