How To Test Fluorescent LED Lamp

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Lenovo Z500 Backlight Display Problem

Basically the absent of backlight on the screen of laptops have caused by many reasons. One of the common reason is florescent LED and disconnection of flat cables, but there are other components to check. In this article, you will have new experience on absent of back light on Lenovo Z500 laptop.
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As you see on the picture, the lack of backlight is because of MOSFET’s failure on LVDS circuit, this MOSFET supplies current of backlight circuit through flat cable, it enters to LED backlight. As a result of this damaged piece, current couldn’t flow to screen display. Therefore, the screen display is dark and it’s without light.

 I would like to thank from Arash Houseini from Ofogh System in Tehran, who has
done this experience and shared with