How To Unbrick Emmc IC Using UFI Box

How to Unbrick eMMC IC Using UFI Box?

One of the issues that repairmen face with Samsung brand is the eMMC IC brick (when an eMMC IC bricks it is so-called dead) and when this happens, software boxes can't get the info of the eMMC IC. Normally, ICs brick if you do several processes such as followings for several times on a single eMMC IC;

Processes such as:

Updating eMMC firmware,

Write and Restore CID,

eMMC Factory Reset,

And … .

This happens mostly on Samsung eMMC ICs, but since Samsung eMMC ICs rarely get damaged and if they do, they can easily be repaired and reused, like the bricking problem, today, in this article I want to show you how to repair or restore (unbrick) a dead eMMC IC by the help of Test Points on eMMC IC and GND Points on the adaptor.

This is done using the powerful "UFI box" and "FFU" special file.

You can watch the video down here: 

Video Size: 180 MBs
Video Time: 15:00

Master: Milad Azmoon
Translator: Latife Yeganezade
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