How To Use And Work With Oscilloscope

These videos are about principles of using and working with oscilloscope from A to Z. it will show you how to use different buttons and knobs to get the signals in view, capture them... and you will also understand the differences of multimeter and oscilloscope.
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How To Read Laptop Schematics - Power Circuit- Part1

This video is a professional and advanced video of reading, understanding and recognizing power block and its related components in schematics. after watching this video you will recognize the common components such as Diode, Transistor, resistor,.. and detect to which block they belong to.
This video is the first episode of our new series of tutorial videos which is captured and translated into English by Dr-Bios team. (subtitle is available as well.)

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Video Size: 300 MB

Video Time: 37:00 min



Master: Oktay Nick Pey
Translator: Monireh Makhour


How To Read Schematics-Power Microcontroller Function-Part-2

July 31, 2017,01:07

muchas gracias, lo checare