How To Use And Work With Oscilloscope

These videos are about principles of using and working with oscilloscope from A to Z. it will show you how to use different buttons and knobs to get the signals in view, capture them... and you will also understand the differences of multimeter and oscilloscope.
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HP Probook 4530S Not Charging Problem

There is a HP ProBook laptop with Inventec RAMONES 6050A2465501 motherboard model with charging problems.
It shows “Plugged in, Charging” but it doesn’t charge the battery. And the thing is that both adaptor and battery work properly and normally and adaptor light turns ON by plugging it which means that the laptop is being charged, but by looking at power supply and paying attention to the low Ampere, we realize that charging process don’t take place. And the battery percent doesn’t go up or down.
Stay with us to find out how to troubleshoot the problem and repair laptop with the help of the schematics.
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July 31, 2017,01:07

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