How To Use SVOD Programmer From A To Z

This video is: How to use SVOD programmer from a to z…
I suggest watching the video, for those who wanna buy the programmer and the ones who already have it. It consists of the topics bellow:
- Programmer introduction
- The use of SVOD programmer in laptop repairing
- When to program IO?
- How to connect SVOD programmer and start to work
- Describe software environment
- Pins config and explain about online Database/ check the safety of online Database pins config
- List of programmable ICs
- How to connect 1.00 mm and 0.8 mm flat cable
- How to read ENE and ITE by programmer
- How to add ENE manually by buzzer
- How to add ITE manually by buzzer
- How to connect pins via schematics
- New zif introduction
- The use of zif in laptop repairing, and its weak and strong points
- How to read and program ENE and ITE by zif
- Common errors

It is recorded by Dr-Bios technical team and is 60 mins.
Hope you enjoy

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svoD programmer from A TO Z- BUY it new


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please hlp im buy svod programmer AtoZ imbuyit new ppp


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Can not be downloaded


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Download link is OK, no problem.


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the microcontrolers that sell on ebay are programed? ''you show us we keep learning'' thank you


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if i desolder fom a scrap board a good microcontroler and solder it to an other same board will it work? or its gona need reprogramming? thank you