Introduction To Miracle Box

Monday, 16 September 2019
Introduction To Miracle Box

Mobile Repairing Boxes

Saturday, 14 October 2017
Mobile Repairing Boxes

Important Tips In Motherboard Repairing

Saturday, 01 April 2017
Important Tips In Motherboard Repairing

Introduction Of Mobile Software Repairing Boxes

We have received many messages from laptop repairmen showing us their interest in learning mobile device repairing. So that’s why we have started our new section called “Mobile Software Repairing”.
This is the first video of mobile repairing tutorials and from now on, our experienced mobile software technician and a member of technical team is going to train mobile software repairing. This video is an introduction and a prerequisite of future mobile repairing tutorial videos.
In this video you’ll see, which tools and boxes you need to start mobile software repairing, also what you can do with the boxes and which problems you can’t solve with them. You’ll see different kinds of boxes and the most common software problems of the mobile devices.
In future tutorial videos, we’ll practically teach you how to repair devices that have different problems (with or without the boxes).
In addition, mobile repairing videos will be available for 6 month gold users, and they won’t pay for it separately. But this video is free :)
Enjoy :)

HD 720P:

Video Size: 620 MB


Video Size: 192 MB

Video Time: 41:10 min

Master: Milad Azmoon
Translator: Monireh Makhour

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