Mobile Phone's Swollen Battery (Lithium-Ion)

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Nowadays, most gadgets and smart phones have lithium ion batteries (li-io). Inside of these batteries, there are lithium ions, and when battery is discharged, negative ions separate from positive ions, and when you charge the battery, negative ions move toward to positive ions and stick to them. Also, lithium ion batteries have lower volume and long lifetime than previous mobile phone’s batteries (if you want your phone lives longer, there are some tips you should be aware of; keep reading so you’ll know wink ). If you’ve ever noticed, your mobile phone's battery might swollen after a while.
Lithium ion batteries are less stable than old batteries and lithium ion batteries’ material are more into react than previous and old batteries. There is a very low space between battery's material and outside cover of battery, so materials inside are so squeezed. 

When a lithium ion battery overheats, or after being full charged and if charger is still connected, or if its an old battery, its so possible that materials inside of it, turn into flammable materials.

This is when “swollen battery” shows up. When materials inside lithium ion batteries turn into flammable materials, the system of these batteries release the energy of explosion as some kind of gas. And this is when battery swollen happens.
If you think your battery swollen a bit, you can check it out by removing the back cover of your phone and check out your battery. If you feel like your battery is swollen, you might feel like battery is covering some parts cause its swollen! And sometimes your back cover of your phone might seem bulging which means your battery is swollen.

In this picture, you see the battery in the right side which is swollen and you cant even put the cover, back! And most importantly it is not usable anymore, and it would be risky if you keep using it.

But let me tell that lithium ion batteries have high safety system. Lithium ion batteries equipped with a circuit that cuts the current automatically when battery is fully charged but still connected to the charger. In the previous photo you saw a swollen battery and we should thank of its safety system that it didn’t allow the battery to blown up.

So, what should we do with swollen battery?
Even if they have safety system, and usually they wont explode, you have to take safety precautions serious.

Don’t charge or use your phone if its battery is swollen:
At the moment you found out about your swollen battery, you should stop working with your phone and never charge it again. Remember when your battery is swollen, it means that its lifetime is been over and every safety security of battery is not working anymore, that’s why it starts to swollen, and keep charging it, means that you are asking your battery to be a source of flammable gasses. 

Removing the battery:
When we are talking about removing the battery, there’s one important rule: never try to solve the problem of swollen battery by making pressure on it. And if you decided to pierce it to release the gasses inside, we should say its not going to work and you’d be in effect of breathing these gasses which is not good!

Also if you try to solve this issue by putting your swollen battery in freezer, you’d end up with cold and frozen swollen battery because its not working. If you can easily remove your back cover of your phone, so its better to remove the swollen battery and change it with new one by yourself, but if you cant remove your back cover, its better to go to mobile repairing centers and ask them to do that for you.

After you removed and changed the swollen battery with new one, there are two things to do: 
First, If you see a part of battery that got injured or there’s hole on you battery , you should cover it with an adhesive tape. And then second thing is to put the battery in a dry place, away from flammable stuffs. Sometimes when you are working with your phone, you might see some spots like somebody is pushing from the behind of your LCD, which means your battery is swollen already!

How not to let you battery swollen?
Keep your battery cool:
Lithium ion batteries hate heat. Maybe its not possible to keep your phone and battery cool all the time, but you can put your phone in a place that its not hot! Like, try not to put your phone on your dashboard in summer days or sunny days.

Use suitable chargers with high quality:
Charging your phone frequently is not a good thing for your battery, its risky and harmful for the battery and for its lifetime. Some people are use to have their phone with 100% battery every time they want to use their phone and at the moment their phone lose a bit of battery, they connect the charger to their phone which is wrong.

Always try to use your phone’s own charger:
Each charger is made for its phone according to the voltage which its phone will be needed. And its very important to receive the exact voltage, not more, not less.

Changing the old batteries:
If you see your battery is not working well and its not keeping the charge, you should think about changing it with a new one. Because it’s a sign that shows the end of its timeline.
Note: if you had same problem still, even after changing your battery with a new one, it means that problem is due to something else, not the battery and charging! (at least risky battery is not around you anymore after changing it with a new one)

when your phone is fully charged but still connected to the charger:
after your phone is charged, disconnect the charger, otherwise receiving voltage might be continued and your battery might get hot, which is harmful to your battery and its lifetime.

So these were some important notes you should keep in your mind about your phone’s battery wink.
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