Monitor Repairing Part 6

Tuesday, 25 June 2019
Monitor Repairing Part 6

Monitor Repairing Part 9

Thursday, 25 July 2019
Monitor Repairing Part 9

Monitor Repairing- Part 1

Saturday, 19 January 2019
Monitor Repairing- Part 1

Mobile Repairing Boxes


What is mobile repairing Flash box?
If you’ve been in mobile repair shop, you’ve seen many cables and some other repairing stuffs hanging on the wall or placed on the repairing desk. So what are they used for?
Mobile repairs is divided into two parts: 1. Software 2.hardware

In this article we’re going to talk about software part. Let me talk in the way that all laptop and computer repairmen would understand smiley as we program laptop Bios on Bios IC with programmer, we need a programmer for mobiles which is called “Mobile Software Box”. There are many companies that produce these software box. These box are more useful than our Bios programmers! Let me tell you that if you want to work on mobiles and start to repair them, you will need these box because many of mobile problems will be solved without disassembling them.

 If you are interested in get more information about technical difference between phone updating and  phone flashing, then click here.
  Basically mobile repairing boxes are not universal, which mean you cant repair all kinds of mobile phones with buying just one repairing box. Also there are companies claiming that their products support all kinds of mobile phones, but none of them can support all mobile phones. For example most of mobile repairers use a special repairing box for SAMSUNG and LG , and another special repairing box for some other mobile brands.
Mobile repairing box’s price is different and difference is due to its features and the number of mobile phones it can repair.

What are these mobile repairing boxes capable of?
Mobile repairing boxes are a small hardware indeed, and they can write related firmware on mobile phones through their cable and interfaces. With mobile repairing boxes you can easily repair and fix mobile phone’s software problems. Mobile repairing boxes have many features, and writing firmware is only one of them and its also called mobile phones flashing!

Things you are able to do with mobile repairing boxes:
Auto unlocking
Flashing or calibrating
Full factory or resetting and reading firmware version (even if your phone is off).
Network unlocking - reading phone’s password
Reconstructing serial number - editing IMEI
Reconstructing network unlocking - reading phone’s password
Reconstructing the BASEBAND
Reconstructing mobile phone’s service
Solving camera’s problems and …
Each of mobile repairing boxes doing some special jobs and you cant fine one mobile repairing box with all of those abilities. So you should choose and buy a mobile repairing box due to the most mobile brand you usually receive to repair.
If you google to buy a mobile repairing box, you will find so many brands and this might confuse you. That’s why Dr-Bios’ technical team / mobile section decided to do a very vast researching about valid and trusty type of mobile repairing boxes, and will share the result as soon as possible in our website, specially tutorials of how to use and work with them and also we will share the updates in our Telegram channel just in case if you want to buy one of these mobile repairing, so you’d have a safe internet shopping experience wink

Article written by: Dr-Bios Technical Team / Mobile section.
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