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Nowadays, mobile phones, became one of the important tools in our daily lives and they are in risk of breaking or damaging. use of mobile phones is been changed since smart phones showed up and now, a duty of mobile phones is not only about calling and sending text messages. also personal life and business life of many people is been tied to the smartphones. in the world of smartphones, the ones with more elegance, are always in more risk of damaging. if you’ve ever experienced of phone’s damaging and if you’ve ever gone to mobile phone repairing centers, you've definitely heard that one of your device’s component should get replaced with another new one, like, your LCD and touch should get changed. and most of the times, repairers avoid the idea of repairing and they mostly encourage you to change the components instead of getting them repaired! 

Some Important Tips For Those Who Want To Repair Their Broken Mobile Phones:
At the moment you found out your phone is broken, in the first place you should check for message or error your phone shows. And then Google it to know what does it mean. The problem might be cause of a little problem and it’d be solved by an easy trick. or if you know somebody who experienced the same problem, you can ask them for help.

If you are about to go to mobile repairing places, ask for master of mobile repairing or go to a good and experienced and known repairman, otherwise, if you go to the middle, repairing process would cost expensive!

If your phone’s LCD is broken, in high possibility, the repairman would tell you to replace and change the LCD and touch and if you allow him to repair your device, it would cost expensive. But if you find and buy the LCD and touch of your phone device yourself and then go to repairman and ask to replace it, it would cost cheaper and you should pay the wage only. This would definitely cost cheaper than the repairman buys the LCD and touch himself and then replaces it.
Also ask for the invoice and also ask for the broken piece.

Sometimes, repairmen would tell you other problems your phone have, and they want to repair and solve the problem/problems. try to let them repair and fix the main issue, not other problems.

At the end of the repairing process, when your phone is ready to go, check your phone before you leave the repairing center, because there might be a problem caused by removing and replacing the broken piece.

LCD Problems And Solutions:
Problem: If you see some kind of line shows up on your screen when you turn your device on;
Solution: You have to change and replace your LCD completely. This problem caused by strong hits.

Problem: If you see a white screen when you turn your phone on;
Solution: You have to flash your device. If you had the same problem still, then you have to change and replace your device’s LCD completely.

Problem: Sometimes you might see dead pixels (pixel with no light) and stuck pixels (pixel always have light) on your screen;
Solution: Use Dead Pixel Detect and Fix software/application.
Also you can put your display or screen “sleep after” option for 30 minutes and put it in maximum brightness to remove dead pixel.

Stuck Pixel

Dead Pixel

Problem: Sometimes when you are working with your phone, your device is not responding to your touch (Touch screen is not working);
Solution: First of all, restart your phone. If your phone stopped responding to your touch while you were working with your device, you should reboot your phone. To reboot your phone, press and hold the power button for 10 second till your phone turns off. Then turn it on after 1 or 2 minutes. This solution 80% works. If your power button is not working, its better to pull the battery out.

Note: ***If you tried solutions above, but still nothing! , you better to 'Hard Resetting' your phone. You can go to recovery mode and select “wipe data/factory reset” and then reboot your phone. If you have Samsung phone device, read this article to see how can you enter your phone’s Recovery mode. And if you have none Samsung phone device, you can search the model of your device in the internet, to see how to enter its recovery mode.***

Problem: If your phone is not turning on;
Solution: Usually its not about Panel, and its fixable. 
** panel = LCD + touch screen + glass **
this picture above is picture of panel and number 1. Its the IC of touch, and it receive and process touches and send the data to LCD through the connector that you see in number 2. 
Also if you considering, touch is right under the glass! and number 3. is LCD. (glass > touch > LCD)

In this picture above, you can see that touch IC is connected to LCD's IC. (by the way this is a picture of a broken LCDlaugh, in pictures below you can see it better!)

I hope you get what Panel, LCD, Touch is smiley.

Problem: screen turns on and it has light but no display (nothing shows up);
Solution: usually, this kind of problem, is not about panel and its fixable. In this situation, you have to make sure if you have back light. To make sure, you have to check the back light through the back crevice of device. If you saw that screen light is on, it means that you have the back light. So if your display is not showing anything, the panel is ok and its fixable.

Problem: Phone turns on with delay;
Solution: most of the times, it happens due to problems in power supply’s board and the panel is ok;

Problem: display is been damaged by sharp stuffs;
Solution: you have no choice but changing and replacing the panel.

Problem: vertical line shows up on the screen;
Solution: its 50% due to panel’s problem and you have to check out the panel.

Problem: horizontal line shows up on the screen;
Solution: its mostly due to panel’s problem you have to check out the panel.

Problem: screen jumping;
Solution: its directly due to problem of panel and if its possible, it have to be changed.

Problem: colorful lines shows up on the screen;
Solution: you have to change the panel.

Problem: black spot shows up on the screen.
Solution: you should make sure if its due to back light or not. We told about back light above.

Problem: screen sliding;
Solution: its directly due to panel’s problem and you have to change and replace the panel.

Problem: water split on panel;
Solution: you have to turn your phone off immediately. Mobile phones’ panel are so sensitive to moisture, and its better to show it to repairing centers. 

Problem: display’s brightness gets low;
Solution: its about backlight problem, and it should get fixed if its possible.

You can also read this article to see How To Change And Replace Mobile Phone's LCD and Panel.

that's it! I hope you these tips would help you out if you are dealing with problems of your phone. smiley 
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Written by: Nasima Babaki
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