Unlock Bootloader Of China Region Samsung Smartphones

How to Unlock Bootloader of Smartphones Designed for China Region?

Unlocking and Relocking Bootloader is considered among two important topics in repairing Android devices (smartphones and tablets) in a way that if a device's Bootloader is not unlocked, using custom binary features such as Rooting, writing Stock ROM, Custom Recovery, and even processes such as removing FRP and screen lock, repairing IMEI, fixing serial number and … and all the features offered by Software Boxes will not be possible!!!

Relocking Bootloader is bringing Bootloader back to factory state. What I mean by unlocking Bootloader in China Region smartphones is those devices (smartphones & tablets) which have a 4 digit code as Model Number. For example, SM-N9600 is a China region smartphone.
Some of the Samsung models that can be unlocked using the unlock method for China region smartphones is as follows:

SM-C9000, SM-A8100, SM-G9200, SM-N9500, SM-J5102 & …

In this article, I want to show you how to unlock Bootloader of China region devices which were produced in 2018 and earlier. These devices have CROM Service and OEM Lock.

Before unlocking Bootloader, I recommend you read this:

• Unlocking Bootloader would result in warranty cancellation.

• Some Samsung China region models which were made in 2016 and earlier are factory unlocked, thus they don’t need to be unlocked by users.

• This method is only used for China region devices made in 2018 and earlier. If you want to unlock Bootloader of a device which is made in 2019 and later, please refer to this article :

How to Unlock Bootloader in Samsung International Smartphones of 2019

• By unlocking your device using the instructions in this article (and NOT by Software Boxes), your data will NOT be wiped. So, don’t worry about losing your personal data stored on your cell phone or tablet. You can get a backup of personal/user data and store it on your PC or laptop, just in case!

• I recommend you to, first, read this article fully, then start unlocking.

• In case you want to unlock Bootloader of a device which has FRP Lock, and the Operating System (OS) boots up and you have access to Settings, you can remove the FRP Lock by unlocking using the instructions in this article. But if the OS does not boot up, first you need to remove its FRP lock (read this article to learn how to remove FRP). Then, unlock Bootloader.

• In case you want to unlock Bootloader of a device which has RMM State Lock, and the Operating System (OS) boots up and you have access to Settings, then, you can unlock the Bootloader using the present instruction.

• To see if the Bootloader of your device is locked or unlocked, while in the Download Mode press volume Down + Home + Power buttons at the same time and press volume Up after you see a warning!
Pay attention to what is written in front of "Service CROM". If it is " CROM SERVICE: Lock", then Bootloader is locked and if it is "CROM SERVICE: Unlock", it means the Bootloader is unlocked.

• If password, pin, pattern or finger print lock is enabled, please disable them. Meaning, set lock screen on "No Lock Screen":

Menu → Settings → Lock screen and Security → Screen lock type → Swipe

It's time to start Bootloader unlocking process:

1. Turn On your Android device and go to Settings=> Developer Options

(if you couldn't find developer Options, go to:

Menu → Settings → About Phone → Software Information
And tap on "Build Number" 7 times. Developer Options would appear in Settings.)

2. In Developer Settings, enable OEM Unlock to be able to Unlock Bootloader. (Follow the instructions on the pictures)

3. Tap on OEM Unlock and Enable it. (Menu → Settings → Developer Options → OEM unlocking → ENABLE) 

4. When OEM is enabled (like in picture 10), it means the Bootloader is half way unlocked!

Notice: when enabling OEM Unlock, if the device asks you for a password or pattern, please enter device Lock Screen password/pattern.

5. Now, turn ON mobile cellular network on your device and download CROM Service app from this link. Install CROM Service on your device like the pictures below. 

 6. Now, click on OK and wait a few moments until your device gets unlocked. After you see a screen like picture 14, you can close CROM app.

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